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Free Job Recommendation

Japan Association for Construction Human Resources (JAC) has created “Free Job Recommendation” page intended for foreign skilled workers in construction industry”.

This page has been created for

  • those who want to work as “Specified Skilled Worker (a residency status)”, who want to look for construction companies recruiting foreign skilled workers.
  • those working with a residency status of “Specified Skilled Worker” but want to look for a company for job change.

Please refer to the website of Japan Association for Construction Human Resources (JAC) for details.

Click here for the JAC Free Job Recommendation

*In case you need support for your native language, please contact FITS Hotline Consultation in native languages.


I am currently in SSW1 category, but how can I advance to SSW2 category?


o advance to SSW2 category, you must have an experience as a team leader, and you must have passed the Skill Certification Grade 1 or the Evaluation Exam for SSW2 in construction field.  As it is necessary to prepare together with the company, and if you want to advance to SSW2, please consult with your company as soon as possible.

  Please check JAC website for information on the details of the Evaluation Exam for SSW2 in construction field.


I would like to change company/job, how should I do that?


SSWs can change company/job, but first, try to sort out why you are thinking about resigning your present company.  If you have any doubts about the content of your work or working conditions, you may be able to continue working if you can resolve those issues with the present company.

If you want to change job/company, JAC provides support for finding a new company.  You can also search for a company/job at public employment services such as Hello Work.