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Certificate of Completion Issuance

Foundation for International Transfer of Skills And Knowledge in Construction (FITS) will issue the “Certificate of Completion in Construction Work” to foreign workers who have been engaged in a “Designated Construction Activity” for a certain period of time under the “Foreign Construction Worker Acceptance Program”, commissioned by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

This is issued for free by FITS in order to record the contribution of all foreign construction workers to the smooth implementation of the construction work in Japan and with the aim to be used as a supporting document to the development of their career path in the construction field, after returning to their home country.

1. Eligible person

The person must have been engaged in a designated construction activity as a foreign construction worker for more than one year and seven months (not less than 19 months) on the date of the application.

* Regardless of whether the foreign construction worker is a “Continuous type” or a “Re-entry type”, whether he/she has passed or has not passed the Skill Test.

2. Issuance Procedure

-The designated supervising organizations shall fill out the required information in the application form and send it to FITS Certificate of Completion Issuer by e-mail at  

- Applications will be accepted 2 months before the completion of designated construction activity of the foreign construction worker.

「Download here the Application form for the Issuance of the Certificate of Completion」

            - It takes about 2 weeks to issue.

            - As a general rule, we will not reissue.

            - Mistakes are frequently seen in the English writing of the accepting company name in the application form, so please check out.

3.  Handling of Personal Information

The Personal Information written in the application form will be used only for the following purposes and will be properly processed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Policy of our Organization.

 (Purpose of Use)

   1)  For the issuance of the Certificate of Completion in Construction Work for foreign construction workers

   2)  For reporting to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism